LEAKED! Images of upcoming ICO’s platform – Omeno Portal

Omeno is all about helping people to achieve financial freedom, which they deserve. Omeno has many platforms, which will help them with it. Most useful is Omeno Portal, which will help people to start trading in Cryptocurrencies, CFDs and in Forex markets. In Omeno Portal, people can learn to trade by themselves, or simply follow & copy trades from experts. Omeno Portal is also a place, where communities can come together to discuss most important things. Most of the Omeno Portal features have small fees, which members can pay easily with cryptocurrencies. 


Smart readers found a way to see their prototypes. Images of Omeno Portal and of forum and events platform are listed at https://omeno.co/demos/ 



Here’s a screenshot of Omeno Portal home. You can see what can you do in the portal.


Communities seem to be totally different than we expected. You have more features and its easier to choose which community to join.



Inside of community, there’s general chat and each signal has its own chat thread.



Omeno portal may be useful, but memberships are costly.  Free users can’t do almost anything. For 1.50 OMEs you can do most things, but still, best is to pay 5.50 OMEs, at current ICO price, 55USDs



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