Omeno announced its Pre-ICO is coming already next week!

Nowadays, when most of the cryptocurrency values are falling, there’s hard to find projects, which may actually be good, and despite of the bear market, will survive. We have been searching for the new ICO-s, which are actually promising and which we need. Currently, the faith of the whole cryptocurrency world is in the hands of new projects, with an actual use-case. The hype is over, and now only thing which is keeping the prices up is the need, and many of us actually think we need such features as these offers. Most of the cryptocurrency holders were just people who saw a great opportunity to get rich, now when they see falling, they simply exit. Cryptocurrencies need fresh thinking, and we need to show people the actual use cases. To bring new people into the crypto world, there are many ICOs out there, trying to reach new markets, but not so successfully. There’s also another type of ICOs, which are made for the crypto communities, and promise just faster and cheaper transfers and so on. This will not bring the new people into the crypto fields. But luckily, there are projects out there which can bring new people, and if they succeed, they will have a good impact on the whole crypto market.

Just a few minutes ago, Omeno announced its Pre-ICO date. We have been following Omeno for a while now because it does something different than the most cryptocurrencies. They are trying to bring CFD (Contract-for-difference) and Forex market traders into the crypto world. These are the traders who trade with highly volatile markets and with big leverage.  On Omeno ICO page, they are describing themselves as “Omeno is all about helping people to achieve financial freedom, which they deserve. Omeno has many platforms, which will help them with it. Most useful is Omeno Portal, which will help people to start trading in Cryptocurrencies, CFDs and in Forex markets. In Omeno Portal, people can learn to trade by themselves, or simply follow & copy trades from experts. Omeno Portal is also a place, where communities can come together to discuss most important things. Most of the Omeno Portal features have small fees, which members can pay easily with cryptocurrencies. ” 

This is a very interesting idea. They will be offering something similar to already known social trading platforms as eToro & ZuluTrade. But the difference is, Omeno will give more features and freedom to its members. Most social trading platforms are simply made, so people can copy other people trades. And earn a little by doing that. There are not many other options. But as it occurs to me, Omeno’s main goal is to teach trading to everyone. They will build a portal, where is a learning center, where everyone can choose their own way how to learn. They also offer video courses and, very useful test at the end of each chapter which gives you the ability to practice your skills right away.

That’s not all, Omeno has many other features, and I advise you to discover these by yourself. omeno.co


A complete review of Omeno is coming, once the all ICO details and whitepaper are released.


We have no relationship with Omeno. This is not a sponsored article.




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